All Season Professional ASPIRE & Cina’s Gold Rush

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Create your own custom nail art designs with ASP ASPIRE & CINA

All Season Professional Aspire & Cina Nail Art line catches Gold Fever! Create simple, multi-dimensional, fun nail art masterpieces. ASP ASPIRE created a system that is so simple that you can create beautiful nails with very little sculpting required! The ASP ASPIRE powder and liquid is a an easy-to-use overlay system with self-leveling properties to give a smooth finish so there is no need for too much finish filing. The acrylic system makes for a perfect base before polishing or applying nail art, giving a strong foundation to a great set of nails. After the acrylic is evenly applied to the natural nail and set to dry, add on your favorite Cina Top Coat and let the fun begin! The hottest trend in nail fashion right now is to wear nail art it shows a sense of style and individuality. The style idea behind concept is to create gold right at your fingertips!Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.31.45 PM

To start, simply apply the Cina Nail Creations Top Coat and Bonder (working one nail at a time) apply some dazzles to each nail rotating between Cina Champagne Toast dazzles. The Champaign Toast dazzle kit is fully stocked with 10 different dazzle styles: Gold Glitter Shred, Silver Glitter Shred, Gold Circle Confetti, Silver Star Confetti, Emerald Green Heart Confetti, Iridescent Tear Confetti, Iridescent Night Circles & Dots, Iridescent Flowers, Black Beads, White Beads. Both kit are ready for thousands of different nail styles, the possibilities are endless!