Be A Knockout With Nails That Rock Out!

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Strike a Chord with your Clients by Perfecting the Hottest Nail Art Trends with ASP ASPIRE and Cina Nail Art Creations

Put the spotlight on your clients by crafting professional nails with the industry’s leading acrylic system, All Season Professional ASPIRE – then crank up the volume with Cina Nail Creations to really captivate an audience!

ASP ASPIRE is the highest quality nail system that is simple, yet effective at creating stunningly beautiful nails with less finish filing! The Bonding Acrylic Liquid and Powder is an easy-to-use overlay system that achieves perfectly sculpted nails effortlessly. Inspired by state-of-the-art Nanotechnology, the acrylic system was created to produce stronger, more vibrant nails that last longer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.04.58 PMASP ASPIRE makes for the perfect foundation. After the acrylic is evenly applied to the natural nail and set to dry, add your favorite Cina Nail Art to create show-stopping nails! Simply apply the Cina Nail Creations Top Coat and Bonder, working one nail at a time. Complete the look by adding some rock star personality to each nail, by either rotating between Palace
Posh (featuring elegant pink and clear rhinestone designs) and Precious Petals (featuring delicate floral decals with rhinestones), or combining the look of both to create a multi-dimensional masterpiece! Wow your clients with professional creativity and achieve gorgeous nails that are strong and dazzling, a perfect way to steal the show.

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