All Season Professional ASPIRE Acrylic Powders!


Create your own custom blend using ASP ASPIRE 4 core powders!

Beauty comes in all forms- shapes, color and style! Why not complement your client’s skin and nail tone with four of the perfect blends of acrylic powder. All Season Professional Aspire knows the importance of customizing each acrylic powder to your unique client base. Each powder was designed to meet a multitude of needs. If we don’t have the perfect colour for your clients nail plate then why not customize your own blend using the ASP pigment pack. Custom blending is a unique addition to any salon menu and set will set you apart from your competition whilst saving you money on buying lots of different shade powders – perfect for elongating the nail bed with nail biters to give them the appearance of a longer nail plate.

Intense Pink: Was created to give the nail bed a pick-me-up, revive nails to appear healthy & youthful in appearance. Perfect for lighter skin tones complementing contrast in nail and skin color. Try a reverse application for your French to give you a really crisp finish to your nail.

Soft Pink: A traditional pink works for any age, this is a classic well-known French acrylic manicure. It’s classic and timeless color with yellow undertones great for any type of nail and skin tone.

White: Great for a clean crisp classic French free edge or can be mixed with pigments colors to soften any color to turn it into a pastel, or even jazz them up to create a unique nail art finish. This powder is again timeless and one that can be used for every day wear creating a natural finish to your enhancements.

Clear: Clear is fabulous for mixing in nail art or as a fun, crystal clear window to encapsulating sculpted multi-dimensional nail art!

ASP ASPIRE created a system that is so simple that you can create beautiful nails with very little sculpting or filing required – it virtually self-levels leaving you with little sculpting to do with your brush and even less with your file! Each powder is available in 1.6oz. or 3.2oz. for the professional. Get the latest trends from ASP ASPIRE at your local Sally Beauty.

One thought on “All Season Professional ASPIRE Acrylic Powders!

  1. Karla says:

    I have been using ASP for 15 years on my natural nails as a overlay and I love it. My nails are beautiful and strong. I do my own nails and I’m a walking advertisement for ASP. My nails are long but not crazy long. I am a testament to your wonderful products that they work great.

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